John Otterbacher
Author, Speaker and Adventurer



A Clean Getaway

I am worn out now, a staggering exhaustion at the end of a day on the road.  All the motels in town are sporting “no vacancy” signs.  I park my motorcycle to look around and settle on a strip of

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Image of scotch tape on cut

Scotch Tape

SCOTCH TAPE?      When I swing into a parking lot to turn around, my boot slides on loose gravel.  My bike and I pitch to the left and over, my helmet hard against the asphalt.  I kill the engine, crawl

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Road with Woods

A Good Run

Excerpt 4 from What Remains As much as I love words, I don’t experience life in complete sentences, especially on my motorcycle. Images and impressions mostly, that I try to make sense of later.   These first miles are slow

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Woods with a lot of stumps

Fear or Excitement?

Excerpt 2 from What Remains: Barbara’s breathing slows and softens. She slips into the deep sleep I want for myself. I do not follow her, adjusting and readjusting, trying not to wake her. I am desperate for the energy morning

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View of a lake from the woods

While You Can

Excerpt 3 from What Remains: It’s moving up on ten o’clock. Time to get on my way if I’m going.   I clean up the kitchen and pull on a boot, lace it up and pull on the other.  

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an empty two-lane road surrounded by grassy hills under a mostly-sunny blue sky

A Motorcycle Ride

Excerpt 1 from What Remains: At a weekly get together, I tell friends I will be away for a while.   “Three, four weeks, a motorcycle ride. Get reacquainted with backroad America.”   Several glasses stop short of open mouths.

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