John Otterbacher
Author, Speaker and Adventurer

Mindfulness / Spiritual Adventure


A Father’s Grace

     My heart is talking to me tonight. The ache in my chest takes me back to my father, an evening together twenty years ago. We are watching TV in my parent’s living room. Dad’s heart is damaged but

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A Clean Getaway

I am worn out now, a staggering exhaustion at the end of a day on the road.  All the motels in town are sporting “no vacancy” signs.  I park my motorcycle to look around and settle on a strip of

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Image of scotch tape on cut

Scotch Tape

SCOTCH TAPE?      When I swing into a parking lot to turn around, my boot slides on loose gravel.  My bike and I pitch to the left and over, my helmet hard against the asphalt.  I kill the engine, crawl

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Sunset sky with clouds photo

What I Control

     Weather has a way of putting self-importance in its place – TV forecasters with their brave assuredness, even the most seasoned sailor or cyclist in a great storm on the open expanse.      What do you really control?  To

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Road with Woods

A Good Run

Excerpt 4 from What Remains As much as I love words, I don’t experience life in complete sentences, especially on my motorcycle. Images and impressions mostly, that I try to make sense of later.   These first miles are slow

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Woods with a lot of stumps

Fear or Excitement?

Excerpt 2 from What Remains: Barbara’s breathing slows and softens. She slips into the deep sleep I want for myself. I do not follow her, adjusting and readjusting, trying not to wake her. I am desperate for the energy morning

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