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I made my first journey at three. If my mother was to be believed, I waddled out of the backyard and down the street to the bus stop. I leveraged myself up onto the first step of the Michigan Street bus. The bus driver bolted out of his seat, head swiveling, looking for a pursuer.

Mom soon caught up with me and, in an embarrassed flurry, reeled me in.

Mom is not here to reel me in this morning.

I doubt that she would try.


I am leaving for the Mojave Desert, the first leg of a back-road motorcycle meander across the country to Michigan. I feel like a five-year-old at the top of the stairs on Christmas Eve. Nervous to be sure, although I choose to call it “excited.”

I have no set route beyond North and East. More than enough. The road will show me, one intersection at a time.


The kids threatened to plant a dog-locating microchip in me if I didn’t promise to check in with them each evening. Location and status, maybe a picture. They plan to post the info on this blog page and on my business FaceBook page (

Please feel free to share them with anyone interested in crazy…

For my part, it’s roll now, rest later. Look around. Report back.


Thursday May 12th, 2016


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